Frequently Asked Questions

EPIK camper trailers are manufactured in Somerset, PA by Adventure Series RV, LLC. (ASRV).

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How much do EPIK trailers cost?

The EPIK Scout starts at $51,800 MSRP.

The EPIK Ranger starts at $67,200 MSRP.

Your local dealer can provide additional shipping, inventory, and pricing information for all of our trailer models.

What kind of tow vehicle do I need?

Any midsized or larger SUV or Pickup Truck would be ideal. The GVWR rating is listed on each model page.

Will this camper fit into my garage?

The Scout has a parking height of 7′ 9″ tall and the optional roof rack adds a few inches.

The Ranger has a parking height of 9′ 4″ tall.

Do I need to winterize my camper?

Yes, there are certain procedures that are recommended for winter storage. Please refer to owner’s manual for detailed winter storage steps.

Will these campers do well off road?

They have been designed to withstand heavy off-road use, although there are always unpredictable variables in off road situations. The utmost caution and careful driving techniques must be utilized in heavy off-road conditions.

What size are the tires? Can they be larger?

Our trailers come standard with 33” all terrain tires. Yes, larger tires can be fitted to the camper, however we do not recommend tires larger than 35” note, a larger tire will increase overall camper height.

Can this camper be used in National Parks?

Yes, some National Parks require “hard sided” campers due to wildlife threats. Each EPIK camper can be operated as a hard camper by simply leaving the pop top roof closed.

How long will the battery last?

This is a condition-based question, there is always a level of power conservation that should be considered even on short trips. However, the campers power systems have been designed to sustain several days of use with proper solar input to help maintain battery charge. It is always a great idea to have auxiliary solar input to maximize charge on extended trips.

What if I have my own 12V refrigerator?

There will be 12v power supplied to the fridge mounting location if you choose to use separate unit.

Can I become an Ambassador for ASRV?

Yes, there are options to become an Ambassador for ASRV and display your unit for others to view. Please contact us for more details.

How many people can sleep inside of the camper?

The Scout sleeps 4-5 people. The Ranger sleeps 3-4 people.

How large is the slide out bed?

In the Scout, the beds are:
Slide out bed: 6′ 4″ x 4′ 6″
Top bunk: 7′ x 4′ 6″
Dinette bed: 3′ x 4′

In the Ranger, the beds are:
Slide out bed: 6′ 4″ x 5′
Top bunk: 6′ x 3′
Dinette: 6′ 3″ X 3′

How do I charge the camper?

There is 110 charging port located on the outside of the units. It’s always a good idea to plug in and have your battery fully charged before any adventure.

What is an ASRV warranty?

3-year limited structural warranty, 1-year limited base warranty. Detailed information is available in the owner’s manual.

Can I tow from the rear mounted hitch?

No, the rear mounted hitch has been designed to add a bike carrier or light load rack. There are limitations and weight restrictions for E-Bikes or motorized bikes.

How long does it take to set up the camper?

It takes about 15 seconds to open the slide, and another 10 seconds to pop the top after unlatching. Camp setup is based upon the user and what gear you would like to arrange, including tables, chairs, awning etc.

What is pop top material on the Scout constructed from?

The fabric used in the pop top sides and front walls is a high tensile, thinly woven, highly water-resistant material that is easy to operate and does not keep memory or crease like canvas.

What kind of fuel do the campers use?

The furnace, water heater and stove are all operated with propane. There is a 20 lbs propane tank mount on the front of the camper and lines plumbed to each optional accessory.

What is recommended to keep in a camper?

It’s quite convenient to keep your camp cooking gear, dry goods, pots and pans, extra blankets, flashlights etc. The camper is a useful tool that is ready to go even on short notice. Maintain charge, pack your clothes and check propane levels and you should be ready to go.

How often should I perform routine maintenance?

The owner’s manual details specific intervals for easy to do maintenance. Performing these tasks will ensure safe travel for years to come.

How much weight can the Scout pop top sleeping panels hold?

The upper sleeping panels for the pop top are rated for 500 pounds.

How much weight can the Scout pop top optional roof rack hold?

The roof rack installed on the pop top can carry up to 250 pounds of functional weight. Static, when not operated the roof rack can sustain 500 pounds.

Can I install a roof storage box or “rocket box” on the optional roof rack of the Scout?

Yes, the modular load bars make installing roof storage boxes a simple task. It’s also a great way to increase overall storage on the Scout.

Are there any dealers for the Scout or Ranger?

Yes, please see the individual Scout and Ranger product pages for more details.

How do I obtain my new camper if I don’t live on the East Coast?

Remote closing is available prior to delivery to the client’s preferred location. On-site pickup is required if financing through a dealership.

In the event of a warranty claim, how do I get my camper fixed?

Filling a warranty claim can be performed at for any required guidance.

Who can answer technical questions about my camper?

Minor technical questions can be answered at

How do I obtain parts for my camper?

For any part ordering, inquiries can be made at

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